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Developing Talented Leaders and Managers

Ensuring that your leaders and managers have the confidence in their skills and abilities is essential to the well-being of the organisation. This program will explore what it means to be an effective manager in your organisation. It will build on the existing skills of your leaders and managers, and develop new skills and knowledge for immediate use in the workplace. The results for your organisation will be observable and measurable.


What can the program cover?


  • What is your current and desired leadership style?

  • What are the key communication skills you need as a leader?

  • What strategies can you use to develop a great team?

  • What are the best ways to delegate, plan and organise workloads?

  • How can you get maximum efficiency from your time?

  • How can you deal with stress - yours and that of your staff?

  • What strategies are there for dealing with the challenging behaviour of staff?

  • How can you be a more proactive and successful problem solver?

  • What must you do to get the best out of all those meetings?

  • How can you create a ‘motivating environment’?

  • How can you best implement change?

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