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At 5.30am we stand at the top of the hill in the Mt Cook national park in New Zealand to c

Developing Your Personal Resilience

Personal resilience is essential in being able to pick yourself up from setbacks and in creating a more enriching life.

What determines our resilience is a dynamic interplay between our inner and outer worlds.

Why do we need resilience?

  • to overcome obstacles from our childhood eg poverty, abuse, emotional neglect

  • to steer through the everyday adversities that come our way eg conflict with work colleagues, family issues, health problems, financial difficulties

  • to bounce back from a major set back in life, and be able to find a way forward

  • to find new meaning and purpose in life – to be open to new challenges and experiences – to reach out so that you can achieve your full inner potential

The aim of this program is to increase your resilience in order to better meet life’s challenges. And let’s face it – we all have challenges presented to us!

As a result of attending this program, you will be able to:

  • know more about yourself

  • use practical strategies for developing and applying resilience to your own life

  • be more confident in your conflict management role at work

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