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DiSC Personal Behaviour Profile

Your organisation is only as effective as your employees’ ability to work together with a common focus. An organisation can have highly sophisticated processes, yet still falter without teamwork. This workshop will be structured to the unique needs of your organisation and your team. The DiSC personal profile will be utilised to increase your people’s awareness of their behaviour and show how this awareness can lead to a more productive, harmonious and happy team. The results will be relevant to the stage of development of the team, and to the needs of your organisation.

The Personal Profile System measures an individual’s behavioural response to their perception of their environment. It does not measure what type of person they are. Because of the way Personal Profile System works, it is an ideal tool for raising people’s awareness of their behaviour in a non-threatening way. It allows them to identify for themselves, when there is a need to adapt their behavior. By using this tool, you give your staff the opportunity to examine how they behave and then to make appropriate changes in the team.

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