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Three Coworkers

Interdependence in teams

Do you feel your team could operate more effectively? Benefit from assistance in how to deal with issues? Communicate more often and more effectively? Could your team benefit from increased collaboration, an enhanced understanding of the role of each team member and their preferred style of behaviour? This program will greatly benefit any team which feels it could improve team member communications and interactions. This is a team based program and is customised to the teams needs. The actual format and content will vary depending on your requirements. 


Areas that can be covered include:

  • The visions and goals of the team

  • The roles of each team member

  • What each team member brings to the team

  • The preferred behaviour styles of each team member (using the personal behaviour profile DiSC)

  • How the team members can assist each other

  • Problem solving in the team

  • Essential communications within the team... and much more

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