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Managing Challenging Conversations

Having a challenging or difficult conversation in the workplace is part of...well... the workplace...part of life. Yet how many of us, rather than having this conversation, instead use alternative strategies such as:

  • avoiding it

  • ignoring the issue

  • going on the defensive

  • trying to dominate the situation and/or other person

  • withdrawing

  • denying the issue?

What is a challenging or difficult conversation? Put simply, it is any conversation that you feel apprehensive and anxious about having, and one you would rather avoid if you could.

These conversations could be:

  • Telling an otherwise good employee that his performance isn’t up to scratch

  • Approaching a formal disciplinary session with a disruptive or inappropriately behaved employee

  • Discussing your performance with your manager

  • Discussing a hygiene issue with a colleague

This workshop can provide you with the knowledge, strategies and confidence to be able to prepare for and engage in a difficult or challenging conversation in the workplace.

Specifically, the one-day program will address these key issues:

  • What is a difficult/challenging conversation?

  • Typical ways of handling these conversations – that don’t work!

  • Starting a difficult conversation

  • The three components to a difficult conversation

  • How to talk about it – listening, expression, questioning, problem solving

  • Practise sessions

The program is practical, relevant and highly interactive. It can be tailored for managers, for staff or for a combined audience.

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