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Mental Health in the Workplace

Managers and staff are confronted with mental health issues with increasing regularity in organisations. For many people, this poses an added complexity to their roles and responsibilities.


  • How prepared are you to have these conversations?

  • How prepared do you want to be?


Mental health issues are all too common in Australian workplaces. It is estimated that, in any one year, approximately 20% of Australians aged between 16 and 85 are suffering from a mental illness. The most common mental illnesses are anxiety, depression and substance use disorders. These realities of the modern workplace mean that an additional challenge is presented to, not only those suffering from mental health issues, but also their managers and colleagues. Mental health has recently been receiving increased attention in Australia, with the aim of widening support and decreasing the stigmatisation for those individuals affected by these issues. Increasing your own awareness in the workplace can greatly assist in these aims and, as a consequence, increase workplace harmony and productivity.


This newly-developed one day workshop can provide you with the knowledge, strategies and confidence to be able to meet these 21st century challenges in your organisation.


Specifically, the program will address these key issues:

  • what is mental health?

  • the mental health scene in Australia

  • mental health issues in the workplace (including depression, anxiety)

  • strategies for having a conversation relating to mental health issues - timing, what to say, what not to say, how to say it, making it meaningful and appropriate

  • work-based practise sessions


The program can be tailored for managers, for staff or for a combined audience.

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